Monday, April 9, 2012

One Year.

April 9, 2011.

Its hard for me grasp the fact that a year ago today I married the man I prayed for and patiently waited on for nearly five years. I diligently began praying for my future husband at age nineteen (I say diligently, because there were lots of specific requests concerning him), and without sounding like a cheese; I can honestly say God answered and surpassed every request.

While it seems just like yesterday we sealed the deal, yet at the same time, beginning an adoption process, struggling through a miscarriage, and preparing for two sons makes one year feel like ten! It hasn't exactly been easy, but definitely has been the most sanctifying, challenging, and blessed year of my life.

June 27, 2011. God gave us our first born.

August 2011. Suffered through a miscarriage.

October 6, 2011. I met our son for the first time and our adoption process officially began.

November 2011. Baby #2, Paxton James, made himself known.

April 2012. A year later......we're 27 weeks pregnant with an 18 month old on the way......

and I don't know of any other human being I'd rather share this walk of life with than my precious, loving, selfless, passionate, hard working, God fearing, and father to be husband.

Besides the drastic jump in temperature, the day was absolutely perfect!

Happy ONE year.....

to the man who has been a huge part of making all my dreams come true!

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