Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Rowen's Announcement....

I tried really hard to share this video with everyone so Rowen could share our exciting news the same way he shared with our family. But after a long day of getting around to all of our family members; I did not have the patience nor the energy to work with it. It would not cooperate. But here it is.......we popped it in as a simple video that "I made of our trip".........

I wish I had a video of everyone's priceless expressions. It definitely surprised and shocked everyone except my Mom and sister in law, Jess. I don't know how or why, but they were super suspicious and had everything "figured out" :). But for the most, every one was super shocked.

We took a pregnancy test two Wednesdays before I left. They were obviously positive, so we made a doctor's appointment for that following Monday.

After going to our appointment on that Monday, we were encouraged and given the okay for my to travel to Haiti. We obviously were slightly nervous, but my levels were so high and looked so good, we were not going to neglect an opportunity to spend time with our son. And I am so thankful we didn't. God (as always) was so faithful and gave me all the energy I needed to keep up with the little man......

Im slightly embarrassed to share this picture because we or really I look so rough. For some reason we waited until midnight to take a picture with the little butter bean.

But there he or she is, and we will find out the sex some time in February. I'll be ten weeks on Saturday, and we are due July 7th.

Thank you so much for your sweet messages and phone calls! We appreciate each of one of them more than words can say. And thank you so much for your consistent prayers that has helped grow our family from 2 to four in a matter of months! With that said, please continue to pray because we shall have 2 under two in just a few short months!


  1. This time next year your Christmas picture will be a family of 4! I think you two are a precious couple doing God's work & I really love that!