Thursday, April 12, 2012

Backing Up.....Birthday, Easter, Anniversary, and Prep

The little Miss that decided to make her entrance into the world three days before our wedding, turned ONE last Friday.

So we spent the weekend in Birmingham celebrating Anna Kayt and Easter with my side of the family.

We, of course, spent Sunday morning in Guin with the Junkins. This year, having two sons on the way, gave me and Payton a new perspective and a refreshed appreciation for our risen Savior. I can not imagine having the opportunity to bring Rowen for good, with no problem; but SACRIFICING that option to leave him in Haiti forever to fulfill a specific calling that would bring torture, persecution, ridicule, and eventually death. Beyond thankful God chose to leave his Son here on Earth so we would and could be reconciled with Him.

Monday we celebrated our one year anniversary. We celebrated a few weeks ago with a beach trip, so we spent the day together in town; running errands for our Haiti trip, getting Rowen's room ready, and indulging in our favorite food.....

MUCH to our surprise the top layer of our wedding cake was still fresh and delicious! And with the help of family and friends, over half of it is gone. You know you had an excellent wedding caterer when your husband begs you not to throw away a year old layer of cake because it still taste so good!

Happy anniversary to us!!

Rowen's room is 90% complete.

and just about ready for the little man. More pictures coming.

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