Monday, November 21, 2011

Daddy Is Here and We're Recovering......

and I don't think we could be happier.....

Rowen and I have had a rough couple of days. My smiling, happy, and ham of little boy has been very, very sick! If hes not knocked out, hes been screaming bloody murder and impossible to console:(. Its made for some long days.

I had two different doctors look at him last night, and they diagnosed him with an extremely bad ear infection which is likely causing him headaches, dizziness, and constant popping in his ears. After some antibiotics we're feeling pretty good.

More later. I left the camera card adapter at home, so now that Payt has delivered it, lots of updates on the way! And congrats the Red Raiders for making the fourth round of playoffs...we're so proud and were cheering for you all the way in Haiti!

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