Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Today in Haiti

3 Things Stand Out...

1. I(Payt) visited what is considered one of the most dangerous, most impoverished areas in the whole world...City Solei. And I am here to write about it!

2. I rode on a "moto", aka motorcycle aka a juiced up dirt bike, for the first time. Compare this to riding on a motorcycle in the Colorado Rockies mixed with the traffic of NYC! Fun times!

And lastly, I fed a baby boy at a local malnutrition ministry. He was 1 of about 150. He was 1 year old. He weighed approx 12lbs.

This baby boy, Emmanuel, also had a large wound on his face and another smaller on his hand. My thought, "he must have been burned", "he must have been injured."

However, his reality was much more gut wrenching than that.

This precious baby boy's starvation had gotten so desperate and so hopeless that he had began picking and scratching at his face and then eating what he could get off!

His own flesh was his last hope!

His own hand was all he could find to help his hunger!

(The above two pics are not actual pics of children I saw. No cameras were allowed in the ministry. However, the pics do accurately give an insightful depiction of the multitude of babies I saw today.)

Unfortunately, this is not a one time case or an unheard scenario. This is the reality for hundreds of others in Haiti.

Please pray for baby Emmanuel.

Please pray for Haiti.

"...The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much."
James 5:16

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