Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fess Up Time!!

After receiving the monthly magazine, "Baby," numerous brochures like the ones above, and three containers of formula sample over the past month; I'm beginning or actually beyond curious to grow a little curious as to who is either kindly attempting to prepare me for the NEAR future honeymoon baby OR is facetiously mocking my love for babies. Needless to say, my postman that is retrieving wedding "thank you" notes and at the same time delivering baby related items is probablly a little confused.

However........whoever you are, rest assured that your money or efforts in subsrcibing me to this magazine is not only humerous BUT very appreciated. Because I am now one step ahead for any miracles God decides to preform after the 9th of April!

But speaking of babies and real mommy to be.......Miss Ava is in the lead at making her debut! We threw Emily a baby shower a few Sundays

and it was confirmed that she has lots of aunts ready to meet and spoil her!

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