Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Guest Room Invitation

Once again, I seemed to have been forced to take a break from updating our loyal, faithful, kind, and loving blog world friends and real life friends because of our busy, chaotic, doesn't seem to slow down life. If you've done the math (not that we expect you to), we only have 2 and half months to finish planning a wedding and complete the rebuilding of our future home. Therefore, every minute of our day is spent planning, shopping, researching, picking out, and of course effortly staying connected to friends and family.

The wheels of wedding planning continue to roll.......in which most of you will be receiving a little invitation here real soon! I still cant believe we're this close, and the closer we get, the more we're striving to savor every aspect of this season! However, we are so READY!

While I am on the topic of invitations, let me brag for a second on an individual that has done an outstanding, mind blowing job on working SO hard and SO patiently on designing my invitation.

Her name is Emily Kerley and you can reach her here or by her blog.

She is one of the most sweet spirited girls I have ever met. Not only are her prices unbeatable (because I did my homework), but she has been so perfect and like I said SO patient to work with. I sent her two invitations that I found online that I loved, and she diligently put up with all my petty, detailed request and created the most beautiful invitation I have ever seen.....of course I am biased. But here are the two I sent her.......

I'll let your minds wonder for another 2-3 weeks, until you and your mailbox lay eyes on the final product. It turned out so great!

On the house side of things, we have almost completed the guest room! I don't know if you remember mine and Payton's pack, but we agreed that he had free reign (with some minor supervising :)) on his office and I have free reign on the guest room, the guest bath, and the laundry room. The rest of the house, or course, is going to be a "compromise".

Since the guest room isn't totally finished, we've only taken a few pictures; but here is a glimpse of whats been accomplished and purchased so far......

The bedding, not the bed......

Definitely more to come and more details to share.

And if you revert back to this post here......I don't know if I "lost" the battle of wanting to change the living area color OR if I put my submission skills to practice :). Needless to say, the color is staying and with much prayer from Payton, I've grown to like it.

More updates to come!

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