Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dear Fiancee, (fiancee- a woman engaged to be married)

With approximately 65 days 4 hrs and 15 min left until game time in your backyard...

We are still trying to finish our humble abode on a tight little budget, we(okay, you) are finishing up planning details for the BIG day, we are both managing jobs in different zip codes, we see each other in spurts of two or three days, all the while trying to fit some of that thing called "dating" in there when it will fit!

In the midst of this, I am asking from you a whole lot of the jumbled up word in the picture above and I commit to being a better giver of it as well! Hold me to it!

Good times at 196 Magnolia have been booked! I love ya like grasshoppers love grass!

Peace in Egypt,
Fiance (fiance- a man engaged to be married)

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