Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Trip Highlight #1

We could write blog posts now until Christmas and still never capture nor fully explain the things we learned and what we experienced. In our best effort, we are going to highlight a few of our favorite and most memorable times we had while we were in Israel. To see all pictures, you can look at either one of our facebooks.

Picture below definitely wasn't a highlight.......a 13 hour plane ride (which I better comprehended as half a day spent on a plane!). BUT it was our first time on a plane together and the next time we're a plane, we'll be off to our honeymoon destination :)

One morning we woke up to this......

the Sea of Galilee.....where Jesus walked on water.

We took a boat along the Sea of Galilee to........

..........the Jordan River.

We both had the privilege of being baptized in the Jordan River.....the same place John the Baptist baptized Jesus!

Very emotional and very memorable! I was saved very young (age 5 or 6) and as I remember knowing and understanding what following Jesus meant at the age, I don't recall understanding the significance of baptism. Therefore, this was a precious time for both Payton and I to experience baptism together at this point in our lives!

Highlight #2 coming.....


  1. stop it....jealousy is setting in rapidly. i'm saving my money NOW

  2. UHHH! You can't just stop! Haha! I just had one of those moments where your favorite show says, "To be continued..."! Great pictures though!

  3. Why must I cry at EVERYTHING!!! I love this Heather and can't wait to see more