Friday, November 19, 2010

Home Sweet Home!

After a long day of doing nothing but sitting coach on an airplane for 10 straight hours, walking though security line after security line, and toting ten days worth of luggage through 2 different airports......we're back and we're so happy.

We had a GREAT trip and we both have agreed that the trip will only get better as we now are able to visualize the Word more clearly as we study Scripture. We had a great bunch, great weather, wonderful tour guide, and one of the wisest pastors in Birmingham.......Pastor Mark Correll. We'll update ya' soon.

I need to be in bed since we've been awake nearly 24 hours now with the time change. SO a highlight post will come real soon!

Cant wait to share.

Before I make my way to bed, I will share a little trick that a nice fella from the trip shared with me to help get rid of the dozen of stickers the security men and women seemed to love slapping all over my hard shell OCD was kickin'.

So simple and maybe old news to you......but before you removed the sticker, take a blow dryer and blow it over the sticker for a few seconds. And it'll pull right off. I was amazed. I cant tell you how much time Ive spent scrubbing and rubbing stickers off of the glass of frames and other various things.......I love some goo-gone but this does the trick so quick and so easy!

Without blow dryer.......


Suitcase is sticker-free. Night! Update soon :)

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