Saturday, September 18, 2010


We're relieved, thankful, and once again amazed at his faithfulness! After a colonoscopy and a last minute decision to do an EGD, Payton's 'insides' from top to bottom appear to be extremely normal. Thank you, Lord!!!!

The "mass" that kept appearing was simply an irritated, inflamed piece of scar tissue. They took a piece of the scar tissue to biopsy, but the doctors were almost speechless because everything looked so good! They prescribed him to an antibiotic for the "chest pains" that they predicted were occurring because of some acid reflux he has developed.Other than that, we're cozyed up back at home, and consuming popsicles for breakfast, lunch and dinner. God is so good! And prayer is so powerful and effective. We credit the results and positive feedback to His unending, undeserving grace and mercy. Not only are we thankful that Payts a healthy boy, but we are genuinely thankful for the opportunity to have walked through this season, so that in due time we may have the compassion and understanding for those who experience such suffering and potential heartache. We appreciate every one's prayers, concerns, phone calls, messages, etc. more than we can express.

We walk away with a better grasp of His grace and feel better equipped to relate with anyone who may be called or has been called to walk through a similar journey.

God uses painful experiences to accomplish His sovereign purpose in our lives. Therefore, stay encourage during trials and sufferings knowing that His work is prospering inside of you

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