Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy Birthday, Miah!

My "little" brother turned 24 on Saturday.And since he spent his actual birthday at the Auburn football game; we celebrated tonight with a low maintenance birthday party at mom and dads.

If you know Miah at all, you might be fully aware that he is the most low-maintenance person on the face of the earth. Promise you! He doesnt wear anything but athletic wear. And has enough of it to stock an entire Dicks and Academy department store. He doesnt use any electronics besides a cell phone nor does he care to. He doesnt eat out. But put a little cash in an envelope and this boy is the happiest camper in sight. Anything else, will either sit in a box or hang in a closet with tags.Materialism will never distinguish this boy's character. Even though he makes gift giving uneventful and somewhat difficult; for that I'm thankful. Hes the sweetest, most laid back, humble, selfless guy I know.

And Livi Love might just be on her way to gaining this quality as well.......
A room full of toys or a color assortment of tissue paper?

Hes definitely an inspiration in many aspects, but this one imparticularly......He is the definition of simplicity.

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