Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Indeed, We ARE Making Progress

First of all, I want to tell you how overwhelmed both of us are at the sweet comments, genuine interest, excitement, encouragement, and prayers that so many people have blessed us with over the past two weeks. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! You have blessed us beyond words and have made the beginning of our journey so special and so fun. We cant say enough that we point everything to Him.(at least that is our hearts true desire) We are still soaking up every bit of the excitement, the reality of being engaged, and of course the freedom to use the word "fiance." Cheesie I know, but we love it! However, now that we're kicking some of the planning into gear, I'm sure it'll wear off.....quickly.

Secondly, Payton has taken on the duty of giving our blog a face lift. I have been so impressed by his effort of googling, researching, and stalking other blogs to make sure ours is top notch. So please continue to bare with us or with him as he finds the time to complete the task......and as you've seen, he is quite the detailed fella so it, by no means, has been or will be an overnight process.

Thirdly, meet our photographer!!!! Jessica Rawlings. We are beyond excited that Jessica will be apart of this process with us!! Jessica (on right) and I are friends from Auburn, and not only, are Payton and I excited about having a good friend shoot our wedding; but her talent is indescribable. Shes an incredible woman in so many ways, and I can not wait to share more of her work with you as we get around to shooting our sessions with her. Until then, click on her name and look at some of her work. Amazing.And fourthly, this past week I was able to get these little "suckers" out to the few bridesmaids that I was not able to visit with in person!

The million $$$ question is always, "how many bridesmaids?" Ready.........17. We are honored and thrilled to be able to share this season of life with each of you! Our desire is to allow our lives to be outlets for His faithfulness and for Him to receive ALL the glory! We pray that you are encouraged as much as you've encouraged us!

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