Saturday, June 5, 2010

Quick Update

We've returned.
And we couldn't have asked for a better trip with the best company. Jana, Duren, and I have been taking beach trips together since middle school and throughout college.
Now we all three have the privilege to have three of the most Godly studs to tag along with us.
Payton and I were able to sneak away for the day to Seaside and Rosemary to spend some quality, undivided, one on one time together..........
that we rarely get.
We are so thankful for great friends and opportunities to get away and refresh ourselves........
BECAUSE as soon as we got back, Summer small groups began.
I will have the privilege to not only serve along side Payton this summer, but I have the joy of investing my time into these precious girl's lives.
Small Groups: Wednesday night...............Lake Trip: Thursday.
Things are beginning to get hectic and crazy.......
but its the joy of the Gospel that keeps us going.

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  1. Love the Camera and the pictures are fabulous!!! I love the one of you and Payton on the beach...