Monday, October 5, 2009


Jana. I could talk/blog about her for the rest of the month.....because not only do we go way back to kindergarten, but Jana is one of the most faithful, committed friends I know. We exchanged words for the first time in kindergarten when I approached her about our matching "My Little Pony" lunch boxes, and since then we've been connected to the hip walking through thick and thin from elementary school to this present season of life. Words cant explain the relationship the Lord has faithfully blessed us with, but she is one of those friends who has been actively involved in my life for so long that if I wanted to boot her to the curb I couldn't if I tried with my both legs. She is steadfast in so many areas of her life, but her consistent pursuit in our friendship has not changed in the 16 years we've been friends.Jana and I both went to a private school from elementary to middle school, then experienced the transfer to a public school before our 8th grade year. The Lord surrounded us with a great group of friends who we cheered with all through junior high and high school. We stayed busy with numerous cheerleading practices, football games, cheerleading competitions, spend the nigh parties, proms, homecomings, etc, but our bond through Christ has been the fuel that has keep a friendship of sixteen years alive. Jana has been faithful in her relationship with the Lord as long as Ive known her. I'll never forget her telling me in middle school that Jesus told her to tell me to "kill me with kindness" after one of our feuds. From day one she has stood firm in her faith and has influenced any of us who have the privilege to do life with her.
Our paths continued to parallel up to college where we lived together all 4 years, pledged the same sorority, met another group of amazing friends, and continued to grow in the Lord together. We were highly encouraged NOT to live together, because "statistics" say "living with your best friend ruins a friendship." We knew our friendship was rooted in the power and love of Christ, and nothing could separate something God had brought together. Jana is now married, teaching at Homewood Middle School, and our friendship remains nothing less than a testimony of God's faithfulness that keeps on telling. One day we'll raise our kids together and hopefully they'll have a similar story to tell as well. Wouldnt trade my friendship with her for anything!Love you, Jana!

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  1. Aw that is a beautiful story of friendship! Thank you for sharing it! Yall are so beautiful!! Stay blessed! : )