Wednesday, May 19, 2010


is all I can say! His blessings are so overwhelming while I'm so undeserving.

Monday: I received a phone call around 3:30PM informing me that Mallory had gone into labor and Mallory Claire Wilson had arrived. We're calling her Mallie.
Which means Miller is a big brother.
And so is little man, Tucker, who is about to have his world such a good way :).
Which also means, along with Mallory and Trent, I'll have my hands full too :). And I couldn't be more excited and honored to be entrusted with another precious life to invest my time into.Monday Night: I arrived in Guin, pulled in the driveway of Payton's house, called and complained because he was NOT there, did not accept his reasoning for making a pit "stop," BUT then quickly wanted to pop myself because the "pit stop" included........all of my favorite snacks: He even threw in some flowers and lined the bottom of the basket with only 5 bags of Blow Pops. All just because! Sweet boy! Tuesday: We spent the entire day at the lake house.
Enough said.
Tuesday Night: Delighted in the smiles of this precious face.
Just a reflection of His goodness in just two days. Beyond thankful! Humbling to know that there is NOTHING we can do or can not do to receive His blessings......and this is just a glimpse of our BIG, gracious, patient, sovereign God that we have the privilege to worship.

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