Sunday, May 16, 2010

Reunited With The Kingsburys

I had the privilege of spending the weekend with one of the Godliest and most talented people I know....... Karen Kingsbury.She is not only the number one best selling author in the world, but her for love and desire to serve the Lord and people with everything inside of her is beyond explanation. Her heart and goal is to serve the reader and His people above herself.
She stands at her feet hours upon hours signing, hugging, praying, and smiling for photographs for each individual that comes through the line.
I had the opportunity to host her at the E-Women's Conference last year........
and because she and her wonderful family were back in Birmingham this year for the conference, we had the opportunity to pick up right where we left off over dinner and a movie..... This is Kelsey (Karen's daughter) and her boyfriend Tom. Payton and I were blessed by their company and we thoroughly enjoyed spending some quality time with the two of them.
and this is Ms. Anne aka Gram. Karen's mother who is such a supportive, Godly, sweet spirited woman and theres been noone else that Ive enjoyed one on one time in the elevator than with her.
Their entire family has such a heart for the gospel and Payton and I both walked away refreshed and a deeper desire to gain a better perspective on living out the gospels beyond ourselves.And if you decide to pick up one of her books to read.......your life will never be the same. Go here.


  1. OMG!! I am so jealous!!! I love Karen Kingsbury! I have read almost every one of her books. That's awesome that you got to meet and spend time with her and Kelsey and the family. :)

  2. aw.. how fun! I have not heard of her. What book would you recommend as a first read? I am currently reading a book by Pete Wilson called Plan B. Have you heard of it? It is amazing and you should definitly read it. Check out my blog post Plan B from a few weeks ago. You can read the blurb about it or just google it. SOO good!