Sunday, November 29, 2009


Lana. I have to give her props for being the first person who pursued a friendship with me in my transition of changing schools from Parkway to Hewitt. She approached me on AOL (yes, as middle schoolers it was cool) as the "new girl" and wanted to know all about me. We chatted and chatted until the school year arrived and instantly became friends. We bonded over a story we wrote for the eighth grade English class we had together........and of course it was so good it made the school newspaper......we were so proud and Lana became that friend who made me believe we could anything. Later in life, we tried to make it big with our singing talent by recording a CD. We thought we were invisible, and sometimes still do :).
Our friendship progressed, and as we started our tenth grade year at the high school we joined the high school girl's campaigner's group, which is a Bible Study that took place every Sunday. Since Lana and I were the youngins' of the group, we stuck together through our slight intimidation of being the only tenth graders of the group and the Lord used it to slowly mend our friendship through the common bond of His word.
We continued to grow and learn more and more about God's love and about who we were in Christ, and along with our great group of friends our friendships became center around God's word and we spent most of high school encouraging one another and pushing each other forward. Lana has always been the friend that I believe God put in my life to bring me complete joy. And after nine years of doing life together, we still cant get together without spending the majority of our time laughing our heads off. While our personalities are so different, we compliment each other so well. I have always sat back and let Lana entertain me. We spent many nights in Auburn (almost every night because I think she spent the night at our house every night of the week) going to sleep laughing and talking til we couldn't keep our eyes open. She is the funniest, compassionate, most selfless person I know, and I couldn't imagine my life without her. If I need prayer, Lana is gonna pray. If I need to laugh, Lana will make me laugh. If I need sense, Lana will shoot me more honesty than I can handle. I have never doubted her love for me, and I pray she never underestimates my appreciation and gratitude for her in my life. She has been a true picture of God's grace and mercy and its been an honor to watch her grow and be apart of God's work in her life.
Lana I love you, and Im so proud of you.
Come January, Lana will begin the World Race where she will be visiting 11 different countries in 2010. She is being sent out to share the good news and make disciples of ALL nations. Please pray for her during her journey.

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