Monday, January 11, 2010


Jessica. Words will never express how much I love this girl, and how much I value my friendship with her. Not only is she one of the most beautiful girls Ive ever seen; but she has one of the most beautiful, genuine, selfless, hearts that I sometimes battle jealous over. She loves God and loves people more than life itself.
Jessica and I met our freshman year at Auburn. And after pledging the same sorority and having over half of our freshman core classes together; we instantly knew that a God given, life long, deeply cherished friendship was being birth. Being in the same season of life of being small town girls at a big university, still dating high school boyfriends, in search for Godly friends, and seeking God and desiring His will and purpose for the next four years of our life; we instantly became close friends and spent a whole lot of time together searching for our niche at Auburn.
We discovered the common love and passion for kids, and decided we wanted to invest our time into a child's life through Project Uplift. We went through a long process of filling out paperwork, attending 4 hour long training sessions, interviews, etc. to receive the precious gift of Jamia and her younger brother and sister. We had the privilege of pouring into these 3 lives on a weekly basis, loving them and instilling the Word of God into their little hearts. By the grace of God, we had the opportunity to lead each one of the them to the Lord at the end of our senior year and because of that blessing our lives changed forever.
At the end of our Freshman year and the beginning of our Sophomore year, we both transitioned into a new season of singleness. Breaking up with our high school boyfriends, we both committed to praying for our future husbands. One night while visiting my home in Birmingham, we sat up in bed and made a list of qualities, standards, and expectations we desired for our significant other. We decided, at that moment, we would pray for each other's spouses and keep one another accountable in never settling for anything less than God's best.
We dreamed and talked about our future husbands for the next year and a half. And upon receiving a letter from Jessica while I was serving at a Young Life camp in Canada informing me that she had met "HIM" I was very hesitate at the fact that she had fallen in love with some guy that I had yet to approve. A year and half later, Jessica and Justin were engaged and married and Ive never cried more tears of joy than I did during that season of our lives. God's faithfulness blew me away as I watched Jessica's standards and expectation become fulfilled by this awesome man of God that I knew the Lord has created just for her.
She deserved nothing less than to have all of her dreams come true. Jessica is a true picture of Philippians 2 in my life. She displays more selflessness and has taught me more about the attitude of Christ in putting others before herself that I could ever ask for. Her few words and strong acts of service encourages me to seek, love, and pursue harder in my personal relationship with the Lord. I love you more than you'll ever know, Jess! Thank you for consistently expressing the character of Christ more clearly and purely than anyone Ive ever met and being one of the biggest blessings to my life.

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