Monday, June 3, 2013

Update Overload

Memorial Day weekend at the Lake...



First Zoo Trip...

And an update on "Bubba"...


Heather and Payton, 

I think he's doing good overall.  We have a trained social worker & the teachers doing assessments of preschool children since it's almost the end of the school year.  Once I get those reports, I'll either send it or recap it for you.  (I'm not sure how the info will be given to me). Based on preliminary reports, everyone's right on target.   I hope that video alleviated  some of your concerns as to whether he plays well with his house mates!  

He's an excellent communicator, singer & cuddler!!  He will be a worship leader some day.  He's still struggling with getting his own way on HIS timeframe.  Sharing the tricycle seems to be especially difficult.  He totally hates time out.  He turns issuesaround pretty quickly though.  He does everything with great gusto; cry, laugh, play!!!  He's a nice little boy.  


We wish so badly that we had an update on the adoption process, but as of right now, we are still patiently awaiting the 5th signature needed to move forward. Please, please, please continue to join us in praying that we receive it SOON! As hard as it is, we continue to trust in the Sovereign Lord's timing as we know He is just that....SOVEREIGN. In the midst, we are constantly being reminded that He is still answering our prayers and He is indeed, still at work...

Amongst MANY other things, one thing we prayed (and still pray) over Rowen and Paxton from the day we found out we were pregnant with Paxton was that the Lord would give the two of them a supernatural bond. We pray that they would be more than just "brothers", but that they would be best friends, accountability partners, and that Rowen would lead his brothers closer to Christ as he holds the position of Big Brother and First Born of our family.

We can honestly and safely say, that Paxton is enamored with his "bubba" already. The very first thing Paxton says to us as he sees us coming up the stairs and into his bedroom to get him out of his crib EVERY morning is "bu" (his name for Rowen). Before changing a diaper and morning kisses, we are strictly instructed to carry him over to their bookshelves so that he can kiss every one of Rowen's pictures. I don't know how or why, (except for the Lord answering our prayers), but he is infatuated with Rowen's pictures. He spots them all over the house, and nearly every time we pass one, we have to stop, stare, and kiss "bu". It is one the craziest, yet sweetest things we have experienced and we thank God for the precious relationship he is forming between our sweet boys. It definitely brings more emotions to our house, as we wish he were here in person for Paxton kiss and dote over, but we are in awe of how God heard and still hears our prayers as we know He is still working out the good of bringing our family together!

Thank you so much to everyone who has sent messages or have made the effort to ask about Rowen and our process over the past few weeks. We still stand amazed at the outpouring of support that we have consistently received over the past 2 years (yes, 2 years :(...too long). You all are a huge part of his story, and at same point in Rowen's life, he will be made aware of every single person that has prayed for him and have supported  this journey. 

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