Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Rowen Update

So many people have been asking for a "Rowen Update". And while we do not have any monumental news to share, we would like to continue to thank so many of you for your steadfast prayers and constant interest in this journey of bringing him home.

The Lord has connected us to another contact that has been extremely proactive and has humbled us beyond words by his urgency to work and fight on our behalf. He, however, is fruit from your prayers and an answer to our constant "crying out" for mountains to move. Rest assured that every prayer you pray is being heard!

We hope to have more details and more news to share in the days/weeks to come. In the meantime, we have been running around like crazy people finishing up last minute adoption paperwork. Our goal is to have our dossier (the fancy adoption word for paperwork) in Haiti by October. Please join us in praying that we can successfully accomplish this goal.

We continue to attempt to remain patient as God continues to write His story....theres not a day that doesn't go by that we don't spend hours upon hours praying for big brother to come home....

Little brother is already enamored by his bubba's contagious laugh. Its quite torturous for mom to watch his precious videos, but Paxton enjoys the entertainment and is already falling in love with his big brother's sweet personality. My heart turns to complete mush at every thought of the bond and friendship that the Lord is forming between these two. The days I long enjoy their interaction in physical form...


To be so young and to be so far away, Rowen has already touched so many lives in such a big way.....and for that reason alone, we wouldn't change the circumstances for anything....extremely hard to say. But for us to pout and stomp our feet at God (which we feel like doing many days) would only diminish the work that God is doing through this little guy's life. Rowen's future has already been transformed and as long as we let God do what only He can do, his story will continue to transform many of the lives following his journey. This is only the beginning....


  1. It's great to hear this update! Praying for continued progress and favor in Jesus' name!

  2. Love reading your updates! Still praying daily for you, Payton, Paxton and Rowen!

  3. Hi Heather,

    I'm Diane Elliot and I interviewed you and Rowen in Haiti last January for the book; The Global Orphan Crisis, be the solution, change your world. I'm happy to say that it is available now and I'd love to send you a copy. Could you please e-mail me and send me your address. Please e-mail me at Thanks. I so look forward to hearing from you.