Friday, May 4, 2012

April 24

One morning in December of 2011, Heather was spending some time with the Lord.  As she was reading the Word, she felt the Holy Spirit impress upon her heart, April 24th of 2012.  She felt the Holy Spirit whisper to her, "This is the day that Rowen will be yours."

On this same day, she received a link from a friend to a blog of a family who had recently been through an "only if God" adoption process.  Through this blog she was reminded of Psalm 68:6, which says, "God sets the lonely in families..."

She preceded to write April 24, 2012 on a sticky note with the scripture mentioned above.  This sticky note has been posted on our bathroom mirror since that December day.  Daily we would claim this day and this promise.  Daily we would read it and be hopeful.  Daily we would ponder and dream of what this day might hold.  Well get this.....

Of course, it did not look exactly like what we had necessarily thought, but April 24 was a huge day.  April 24th aka last Tuesday, God "set" Rowen into our family!  We met before a judge and custody of Rowen was legally and officially signed over to us!  We got the final, notarized papers today!  

God is faithful.  He speaks.  He follows through.  He sets the "lonely" in families.  Praise Jesus!  

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  1. That is INCREDIBLE!!! Thanks for sharing - I needed to be reminded of God's faithfulness today!