Friday, April 20, 2012

Good News!

Rowen's passport is COMPLETE and is in the hands of Pastor Francky! And little man is feeling good and warming up!

I had a conversation earlier today with one of the guys that is interning at the guest house that we're staying at, and after some discouraging stories that he shared with me about people he knows that have pursued Visas with no success; I walked away from our conversation extremely discouraged and doubtful. I immediately begin praying and sent a few text messages to some friends asking for prayers. Within an hour, Payt received a phone call from Pastor Francky saying that Rowen's passport was complete.

As mentioned before his passport was not suppose to be complete until Tuesday. Its a rarity that anything in Haiti is finished on time, so anything done in Haiti AHEAD of time is only GOD. So thank you so much for prayers. As you see, they are being answered and we can't thank you enough!

Please continue to pray for our Visa appointment and the process that it entails. The next week will be crucial, but we continue to trust, believe, and cling to our Sovereign God who is in control.

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