Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Finally an Update!

So sorry for the update delay. With Rowen dealing with slight insecurity this trip, our attention has been strictly on him.....we're doing our best to provide a safe and secure environment by giving him our undivided attention. The Early Childhood Education major in me has been racking my brain and spending time researching the psychological reasons for his lack of letting loose and being himself like we've been used to. We've yet to see his constant smiles and his "ham" of a personality. So far, we're just learning to be patient and praying that it is only temporary due to the fact of never having to leave him again.

With that said, we had our meeting with Pastor Francky yesterday, and not much to our surprise, Rowen's passport has been delayed until Monday/Tuesday.

Pastor Francky and our social worker went to pick it up yesterday and much to THEIR surprise, they had not completed it. Thankfully though, the mighty Pastor Francky came to the rescue again and they have promised to have it ready at the beginning of next week. It was not exactly what we wanted to hear, but we knew coming down here that dealing with the government would cause things not to look exactly like what we had envisioned.

But thankfully, Payton had an opportunity to go to immigration early this morning to check on things, and the passport is almost complete! Praise the Lord. He saw the hard copy with Rowen's picture and all of his correct information on it for himself, which is a huge answer to prayer. So THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!

We continue to trust in God's sovereignty and clinging to the fact that nothing takes Him by surprise. He knows the perfect time and date for everything to fall into place. And in that, we find peace.

We appreciate everyone's prayers, interest, and support more than you know. You have no idea how much every message and all of the words of encouragement are helping us keep the faith. We could not do it with your prayers and support!!!

And to inform you on exactly what the process should and hopefully look like from this point on, here it is......

~Passport in hand next Monday or Tuesday (please pray specifically that the immigration will have this completed).

~Rowen's previous caregivers (in the pictures below) will travel to Port au Prince (where we are at currently) to sign a consent form.

~After the consent is signed, we will then fill out our application letter and choose our appointment date. Praying and hoping for the appointment to be set at the end of next week.

~At our appointment, we will be granted our visa (prayerfully) and a few days later after the Visa has been processed, we will fly home!!!!!!

Those are the events that are to fall into place in order for us and Rowen to come home. Please continue to pray for a supernatural and expedited process. Even though it has not panned out the way my "in the clouds" mind tends to operate, God is still moving. He is still active. He is still at work. Pastor Francky and our social worker, along with all of you, are a reassurance of God's faithfulness. They are a God send to us and are fighting on our behalf until we have the visa in hand.

He is feeling much better, so THANK YOU to everyone who had been praying for him. The lack of pictures is due to not having a free hand for a camera. Just as mentioned above, he is not himself and rarely lets me put him down. We're making progress and hopefully in the next few days, we'll have plenty of pictures to share of his precious smile!


  1. Praying with you! God - we are waiting to see YOU show up and show off in this situation! We know you 'set the lonely in families' and you will get all the glory for this miracle!