Monday, January 30, 2012

We're Back...

Due to a lack of knowledge of how to successfully post blogs from an Ipad and due to poor internet connection in Haiti, I am way behind. I wanted so badly to post updates for family and friends about my time with Rowen, but I couldn't seem to successfully accomplish the task. And not to mention, Rowen is now 16 months and I couldn't turn my back for one second without the potential face plant down a flight of stairs. There are stairs EVERYWHERE at the guest house, which does not make for a kid friendly environment. And just like every 16 month old, that's where Rowen wanted to spend most of his time.

So to answer many questions, THAT is what we did a large majority of our time.

We did meet with our new social worker who is going to be able to help us out tremendously with our waiver and hopefully speed things along. He was introduced to us through Pastor Francky and has completed several Haitian adoptions in a timely manner. Although it seems impossible, our prayer is still April. But to GOD be the glory regardless of the timing He sees best for Rowen to be home. God keeps reminding me that HE is more interested and desires the best for Rowen more than I do. Therefore, if it is best for him to spend another year or two or three in Haiti, thats where he'll be. If it is best for him to come to the States tomorrow, thats where he'll be. Quite hard for a parent to grasp that truth......but I can honestly say that everyday gets better with Matthew 7:11 rehearsed in my brain.

Since our last visit in November, Rowen has blossomed. I am a biased mother, but when you only get to spend 2 weeks every other month with your child, the smallest things amaze you. He is saying several words on his, grass, "da" for daddy, cheeeeeese, sit, ball, and will try to repeat just about anything I say and copies just about everything I do. He understands and responds to English better than Creole. He LOVES to dance, wave 'hey' and 'bye', blow kisses, throw any ball he can get his hands on, and by far his favorite.....he loves to eats more than any grown man I've ever seen! He eats so much, I am already praying against the struggle of gluttony. And I do not say that to be funny! Everyone who has sat with us at dinner is beyond amazed at his eating habits. THANK GOD, seriously, that he does not like or eat anything with sugar. He strictly prefers water and milk in his sippy cup, which I am thankful for. A nurse informed me that he would catch up with himself and eventually slow I'm trying not to worry too much nor become his food nazi.

I'm trying not to be that mom that raves about her child, but I share these things for family who have not have had the privilege of spending time with him and for those who constantly ask about him. He is the most precious child I have ever laid eyes, and he LOVES his momma. He is fully aware (as much as a 16 month old can be) of the baby in my belly........and please excuse the chicken pop look I'm sporting on my face. I slept too close to an open window, and some gnats had a hey-day with my face, neck, and arm. That's Haiti for ya!

He loved pulling up my shirt, pointing and patting my belly, and "loving on the baby." If I was standing where he couldn't reach, he'd insist that I put him in a chair or on the bed so he could reach my belly to love on it.

Next Monday, Baby J will officially have a name and Rowen will officially have a little brother or little sister. We are all so excited!

Due to an early morning wake-up call from our rooster friend that I would have loved to have gotten my hands on, little man was up and ready to go at 6:30AM EVERY morning. He normally would sleep until about 8:30 and cuddle with me until I was ready to go.......but not this trip!

He would gather his things, make his way to the door, and wave "bye" which forced this NON morning person to get out of bed.

Other than little sleep, I enjoyed every second with my little boy and we can NOT wait to get him home.

For our prayer warriors.....please continue to pray April. Our new social worker is taking a different approach on our process, so please pray for favor and efficiency. We believe it is your prayers that led us to this new guy that is now helping us. The lady that helped start our process in Haiti will be giving birth to her child in a few short weeks which will put her out of commission for a while. Therefore, he came in PERFECT timing.......another way God reminded us that HE is at work and HE is in control!

"Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen." Ephesians 3:20-21


  1. Heather, he is precious!!! I love all your updates (you can rave about that little one as much as you want! ;)

    Praying for APRIL!

  2. SO cute. His smile is one of a kind.
    Please let us know girl or boy! How exciting!!!