Monday, November 14, 2011

A Weekend/Week Behind....

As the title reads, I'm a weekend and a week behind.....

Sunday afternoon (2 Sundays ago), our favorite Haitian couple arrived to the big city (Guin). Pastor Francky has spent/is spending the next week speaking at churches. While he was in Guin, we had the privilege of serving him and his wife while they stayed at our farm house.

Pastor Francky served as Payton and our church's translator during their trip to Haiti this past Summer. He is now serving us personally, as our translator and another right hand man throughout this adoption process. We consider him our hero and a God send to us! We appreciate him more than he will ever know.

Slight explanation that we have not shared with many people: we spent the entire first day we arrived in Haiti (our October trip) traveling to pick up Rowen. Long story short, when we arrived where Rowen and his caregiver were currently staying; the caregiver refused to let Rowen go with us. Apparently word had gotten to the caregiver that we were seeking after Rowen to adopt him illegally. Being the Godly and integrous woman that she is (praise God), she wanted nothing to do us or our "intentions" that she had falsely heard. While sitting under a tin roof in a torrential down pour for two-three hours and praying harder than I have ever prayed, Pastor Francky communicated (remember.....they speak French) to her efficiently our true and faithful intentions. Pastor Francky shared with her our hearts and our desires for Rowen. As you have seen; the peace and discernment that I desperately prayed for in that very moment came upon her and she complied.

He not only was God's vessel used in a mighty way for us that day, but he has gone above and beyond to help us in anyway possible throughout our process thus far.

FYI: We have no hard feelings towards the messenger of this miscommunication, we just simply rejoice that God, as always, triumphed over Satan's scheme in attempt to keep Rowen from being our son. Another testimony of God's faithfulness.

Tuesday night (last week), we were invited to a Banquet Dinner in support of Lifeline Adoption Agency in Birmingham by some our of two dearest and best friends, Jessica and Justin Barnes. Jessica and I have been best friends since our Freshman year of college at Auburn. I couldn't be more thankful for the life and marriage of her and her precious husband, Justin. They are a another picture of God's faithfulness in our lives. We are honored and privilege to be walking this journey with them. More on the banquet later.....

They began their adoption process Fall of 2010, and because of the conception and birth of their precious baby boy, Eli, their process was forced to be held until Eli turned six months. Eli is now six months, and their pursuit continues. You can follow their story HERE.

Jessica and I adopted 3 African American children from a surrounding city of Auburn while we were in was a big brother/big sister type of program that we invested our time with, but we spent every spare hour with the three of them. I have no doubt it was God preparing us before we had a clue for what was to come in the future.

Switching is officially Christmas at the Junkin's. Trees and decor are up.....I started about two weeks ago and besides two undecorated trees and the outside of our house, we are about finished.

Had to get a jump start since two weeks of the holidays will be spent in Haiti with our baby. We are beyond excited and can't wait to our hands on our little fella. Please continue to pray for the waiver and my fingerprints!!!! We're doing our best to remain calm and patient, but we're nearing our ropes :).

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