Sunday, November 6, 2011


We've decided on a name. She is so sweet, and I've adjusted. And I'm SO proud of my husband for sticking to his word of keeping her an outside dog. Before you start thinking we're cruel for leaving her outside......she stays nice and warm in a little side room (off of our house) of her own. Payt is crate training her, so until her dog house is built, this will be her home for now. I am, however, an occasional sucker of letting her inside at night before she/we go to bed. As long as she stays off my rug, we're all happy :).

Fingerprint Update: As mentioned here, my fingerprints were overnighted to Virginia two weeks ago. I called Thursday to check their status and was told that they were, once again, very cloudy. The lady told me that they would try to read and hopefully clear them by this Thursday. If not, they will take another approach that could take anywhere from 2 weeks-6months. Please, please pray that they are read so this frustrating obstacle is behind us!

Waiver Update: Details still being worked out, which means we do not have it in our possession which also means, the President still has not signed it! Pray this will happen SOON!

These are two big hold ups in our process. Nothing can move forward until both are finalized!

Thank you again to everyone who is constantly and efficiently praying. Even when we don't feel it....God is still faithful!

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