Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Junkin Update

It is about time for one! Bare with me as I attempt to inform everyone on the latest updates in the Junkin household. According to my husband, this adoption process is causing early stages of Dementia. I can't seem to keep my thoughts together...... I could spend the next week sharing stories from this past week that explain his reasoning for thinking this, but I won't.

We spent most of our week advertising and preparing for a Yard Sale that was intended to begin Friday morning, but due to some precious early birds; the sale kicked off Thursday afternoon. Who knew Yard Sales were so much work?? Especially for these night owls that NEVER see the sun rise. Friday and Saturday brought some early mornings followed by super long days......

But as always, God was beyond faithful and our community expressed more love, support, and generosity than we could have asked and prayed for! Once again thank you, thank you, thank you for expressing your love for our baby boy! And most importantly......THANK YOU for taking part in the Gospel with us as we pursue this child that God has chosen to be our son.

Your giving and buying totaled over $2000! We are humbled, grateful, and amazed to say the least. The COLD and rainy days did not keep our community away. God is good and He always provides!

Adoption Update: In the middle of the Yard Sale on Saturday, we scooted away from a few minutes to meet our social worker, his wife, and their precious new son at our house to complete our Home Study. Besides my fingerprints that we're still waiting on (more on that in a minute), our home study is COMPLETE! Yay! Some home studies are known to take up to five and six months, we have completed ours in two week. Our social worker, Tyler, has gone above and beyond to be efficient and quick! We are so thankful for him and his precious family.

Fingerprints Update: After this blog post, I received a text message from a good friend in Birmingham that is also pursuing adoption, encouraging me to call and check on my fingerprints, thank you Chandler :). I called the very next day to find out that my fingerprints have been REJECTED! I was sick! So long story short, I ran around like crazy on Monday and Tuesday getting my fingerprints redone and over-nighted. I boldly placed a sweet little note in my packaged asking the FBI to please expedite them.......we'll see if that held any weight. Ha.

For those that know me.....please embrace yourself. I'm about to shock you all.

We're getting a dog! This little fella will be an official Junkin next Saturday. He WILL be an outside dog, which is the ONLY reason I have agreed to fulfill this passion of my husband. For those that don't know me, this is a complete shock because I have very little toleration for animals. VERY LITTLE.

Its a full blooded lab by the way. Payton's lab, Allie, passed away about two years ago. And until Rowen, he had no desire to get another (my lack of interest in animals probably had a little something to do with it). But while we were in Haiti, we discovered that Rowen loves dogs! Anytime one would pass by, he would point his little finger and say "woo woo" (his way of barking).

SO, I believe once Payton witnessed this, his wheels begin spinning and conveniently a family in our community just had puppies. "The things you will do for your kids".......I guess it now begins.

If the adoption paperwork hasn't caused me to lose my mind.....I'm really about to!

My best friend, Jana, spent the night and afternoon with us! So thankful for her consistent pursuit of our friendship.

And tonight we had our Fall Festival at church. Thank you so much to those that helped make it so fun and successful!

Happy Halloween!

And again, THANK YOU for being apart of our lives!

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