Thursday, April 21, 2011

Our "Trip"

aka Honeymoon! My sweet mom couldn't bring herself to lable the week after the wedding as a in honor and respect for her, we called it our "trip."

Before I share anymore pictures, I'd like to say special 'thank you' to all of Payton's groomsmen........

There is no other way we would have rather spent the Sunday morning of our honeymoon trip than dumping/digging bird seed out of Paytons suitcase. I can assure you that Ross Bridge would like to thank you as well, since we really had no other option than to leave it on their balcony.......being on the third floor, our options were slim. But on a serious note, the birds in the area are satisfied and I am really thankful you granted me and my suitcase a little bit of mercy and kept pay back between you guys!!

On the other hand, we had a wonderful time. The weather was absolutely perfect and the food was even more perfect!! We enjoyed every minute of ourselves......"The Grand" was GRAND and so much more!

Thank you for doing life with us! We are officially back to reality........

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