Monday, February 7, 2011

Two Month Slope

We're quickly approaching the two month mark and every second of it we're growing more and more anxious and excited!!! After hosting and attending tea after tea for friends and family, being the actual bride definitely turned the "surreal" feeling of getting married into more of a reality!

My wonderful hostess' could not have made it any more special! Two o'clock struck and like clock work they scattered to their "positions." I make a point to say this because I was so impressed with their organization and beyond honored at their desire to make it so most definitely was perfect! I cant thank them and all of my sweet friends and family that graced us with their presence enough. Payton and I were and still are beyond grateful by not only the mounds of gifts that we're ecstatic about introducing to 196 Magnolia; but we're so humbled by the love and support that consistently surrounds us. Approximately 60 days..........

And this little rascal will be my maid of honor! If you're unaware of my relationship with this precious little girl, read here for a glimpse as to why Im entrusting this special eight year old with this "title".

In addition to praying for cooperative weather and that my precious niece, Anna Kayt, stays in her mommy's belly until her due date which is APRIL 13 (5 days after wedding), I ask that you pray for these three words: Tulle, Ruffles, and Kaley.

Kaley's dress arrived last week and she hates it! If you know my style, you probably can predict that it is a little different.....but trust me by telling you blogging to you, it is absolutely PRECIOUS! So my prayer is that my sweet but oh so sassy maid of honor will grow to feel the same!!!

P.S. Along with the madness, cabinet transformation is close to completion........

the above is the Before (as if it even needed any work), the below is the In Between...

and stay tuned for the AFTER!!! :)

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  1. SO SO excited!! 2 months yea!! So glad y'all had a wonderful tea and can't wait til the end of the month for T-2!! Love y'all!!