Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bringing It In

Happy 2011!

We anticipate and pray for another year blessings as we now embark on the downward slope to not only April 9, 2011; but a year of gaining a new title, "husband" and "wife, starting a family, and doing life permanently with life-long teammate. Just like the past three months, these next three months will come just as fast as they will go. There is already SO much to tackle, yet doing our best at making it a "resolution" to enjoy and savor the process and the journey as much as we possibly can.

Last night we were able to bring in the New Year with four of my best friends from college. Three of us live in Birmingham, Jessica (in the green) and her husband live in Hartselle, Alabama and Katie (to my right) and her husband live in Montgomery. Therefore, it is extremely hard for all of us together. We attempt to see each other at least a few times a year, but life in general makes it very tough finding one free date for five busy girls.

And I think this is the first time this has ever happened.......

All five significant others were able to tag along! And we had a blast! So very thankful and blessed by this crew!

After dinner, we joined two other dear couple friends of ours for a round of the "All in One" game. Not the actual name of the game we played, but since I don't know the name.......that is its title for now :). brought a night of competitiveness and definitely many laughs.

Make it your resolution to play this game with some close friends. You'll be guarenteed a goodtime!

Best Reults: play guys vs. girls

The "All in One" Game

You'll Need:
A mixing bowl
Several scraps of paper
A timer
Piece of paper to keep score
And a room that allows you sit guy, girl, guy, girl in a circular form

Hand out 3 scraps of paper to each player
On one scrap piece write a person (anyone......famous or not)
On another, write a place (ex. Burger King, Costa Rica, Mickey Mouse's Clubhouse)
And on the other piece of scrap write a thing

Put all scraps in a bowl

Now. There are FOUR rounds

Round 1:
This round is similar to the game Catch Phrase.

EXCEPT, the players have 45 seconds to explain as many of the words in the mixing bowl to his or her teammates without the saying the actual word. If the player is a girl, the girls attempt to guess....and vice versa. When the 45 seconds are over, the number of words guessdc correctly by teammates are the number of points the team receieves. The bowl is passed around to guy, girl, guy, girl and when the bowl is empty (because you never put the scraps that have been guessed back in the bowl until the round is over) you move on to round 2. Each time a person goes, points are added.....unlike Catch Phrase when you wait until the entire round is over. One person has the entire 45 seconds to do as many words as possible.....hope thats clear?

Round 2:
This round is similar to the game Guestures.

All the scraps are put back in the bowl, and the game picks up where it left off from round one. The player has 45 seconds to act out (using NO NOISE) the scraps in the bowl. The object is to act out as many as possible in the 45 seconds. # of acts guessed correctly = # of points. This round gets tricky because its hard to act out a place and it can be difficult acting out people. However, you already have an idea of whats in the bowl from round 1. Just like round one, once the bowl is empty, you move on to round 3.

******Points are tallied the same in all rounds********

Round 3:
This round is similar to Round 1 (Catch Phrase style)

EXCEPT, the player can ONLY use ONE word to describe the word pulled out of the bowl. No uh, ums, hmmms.....if those slip, that is your one word and you cant say anything else until someone luckily guesses the word. Once again, you have 45 seconds to describe as many words from the bowl ONLY USING ONE WORD!

For Example: I pulled out the word "mashmellow".......I could or would say roast. That would be the only word I could use. Seems tough, but remember you've been through round 1 and round 2 so you have a better rememberance of what words are in the bowl.

Round 4:
This is the trickiest, yet most numerous round.

This round consist of holding your lips together like our friend Justin is doing here......

to say the word as clear as possible, hoping your teammates can understand you through the muffled noises and uncontrolable laughs.

And after round 4, you tally the points and as in most games "the team with the most points WINS."

Hope you find a chance to play it! Its SO fun and if my instructions arent clear, let me know!

And one more thing......its homemade and totally FREE

Again Happy 2011! We'll be back soon.

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