Thursday, December 30, 2010

Back In A Whirl

Once again, its been a whirl wind around here.....

As mentioned in the last post, we left early yesterday (Wednesday) morning for the mountains to bring in the New Year...

and under unfortunate circumstances we are back.

Not so much unfortunate for us ending our 5 day vacation early, but unfortunate for a dear family from Guin, that is extremely close to Payton and his family and are in the midst of losing a loved one.


Two Sundays ago, a lady named Jeanette Frye collapsed to the ground in the church sanctuary after the annual children's Christmas program.

With immediate family and friends around her, 2 members of the church performed CPR until the paramedics arrived. She was rushed to the local hospital, then immediately flown to UAB.

In the past LONG two weeks, Jeanette has made very little progress. She has been breathing with the help of a ventilator due to the lack of oxygen that her brain received following the sudden heart attack.

While we were eating breakfast this morning in Gatlinburg, Payton received a phone call from Jeanette's older son requesting Payton's presence at the meeting the family was having with the team of doctors.

Since we were hundreds of miles away, Payton was not able to be at the meeting, but we immediately packed our bags, loaded up the car, and headed to Birmingham.

During the meeting the doctors informed the family that the automated portions of her brain are not recovering. Therefore, the family is now faced with the decision to take her off of the ventilator in the next three days.

When Payton's mom was pregnant with him, Jeanette looked at her belly and said "this one will be mine." And since Payton's birth, Jeanette has served as a second mother to Payton. Therefore, Payton along with the family are grieving as they potentially watch a dear loved one go.

However in the midst of such tragedy and nightmare; Payton has mentioned on numerous occasions that this is a time to rejoice. Praise the Lord, not only for Jeanette's salvation that will allow her to be in the presence of our Lord, Jesus Christ; but for achieving and reaching her goal and her dream.

Jeanette has lived her life for this come face to face with her Savior.

With all of that said.....

We still trust and claim God's healing while trusting in His perfect will and plan for Jeanette and her family.

We will keep you posted and in the midst, we ask you to PRAY.

It doesn't make sense and its definitely not fair BUT, we still know that He is God and He is GOOD! He has allowed the circumstances to happen the way they have because it is His will. We don't understand it and we don't like it. But we know that His will is perfect and His will is good.

And that is what we pray.........that the Frye family continues to cling to that truth.

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