Thursday, July 29, 2010

Special Delivery

The flourist made a quick stop by work today with these in hand.
Just because.
And Shutterfly made a stop by the house.
We've been working on a book from Shutterfly since April of our first year together. We take more pictures than we'll ever know what to do with, so instead of over spending in making prints and putting them albums that eventually become bulky and awkward; we decided that our approach to capturing events will be through making these neat, sleek, fun, easy books for each season of our lives together.
Very pleased with the outcome. My OCD will function much better seeing these books eventually on a book shelf.
Thankful Beca and Jennie felt sure enough that vibes were in the air, Jennie captured the moment of Payt getting my number on the day we first met........June 20, 2009.And here we are June 20, 2010......thriving and moving forward.....getting ready to embark on new seasons of life.We kinda like him.
Glad hes mine.


  1. so happy for you two! amazing to see the lord's plans fall into place. love you!!

  2. the book is precious and you two are very blessed!! What a great it!