Sunday, March 7, 2010


Somewhere along the way, Ive developed a slight complex and OCD habit of checking my tire pressure on a daily basis, sometimes multiple times a day. Don't worry.......I don't manually check it, but I conveniently have a button on my steering wheel that will tell me the amount of pressure in each one of my tires and like I said, I for some reason check it on multiple occasions through out the day. Strange I know, but I have a strange fear of getting a flat tire, and I guess I feel like I can somehow prevent from having one if I stay aware of the PSI in each one of my tires. Ask the guys at Trussville Tire; I remind them EVERY time I go in for oil change to check my tires. Even though they laugh and assure me they'll take care of it, I know they get annoyed at me reminding them to do their job.

Well, I'm sure you know where this is headed but I hopped in the car around 5:30AM on Wednesday morning to go get my precious boysand as I cranked my car, the screen on the dash told me to "check tire pressure." Ive had my car for about year and half and its never told me to do that so without totally panicking, I proceeded to check the pressure in all four tires and my LF (left front) read at 20 PSI. Before I impress you with my knowledge, let me clarify by admitting that I have no clue what PSI stands for; and I had no idea how low that meant it was. However, I DO know that 28-32 PSI is normal. So with that in mind, I hopped out of the car, took a look at my front left tire, gave it a good kick, pushed on it a few good times; and to my understanding it looked and felt fine, so I went on my way thinking the gauge was must be off and needed to be reset with my upcoming oil change.After watching the pressure continue to decrease all day, I grew more and more confused because the LF looked perfectly fine. Make a long story short, the pressure WAS fine in the LF (left front) it was the RR (right rear) that was nearly sitting on the rim by 3:30PM. Yes, I slightly panicked.....I called my dad and he kept encouraging me to go by the gas station and put a little air in it to get me back to Trussville. Considering Ive never done that and didn't think it was wise to take matters into my hands, I drove down to a nearby Express Oil Change in Vestavia. With the help of a sweet mechanic not only changing my tire because he found a screw in the "side wall;" but giving me a 45 minute lesson on how to change a tire and not charging me a dime, I drove back to Trussville somewhat dreading the fact that there was a possibility that I was going to be purchasing a new one. Definitely doesn't thrill me throwing away $300 plus on a new tire when we just bought 4 brand new ones a little over a year ago.
The guys at Trussville Tire were awaiting my arrival as I drove up. They lifted the back door of my car, took one look at my tire and the screw that was nicely placed in the "side wall," and affirmed that I was going to need a new tire. UGH!!!!Not what I wanted to hear, but before I could even respond, the owner said, "you know what? A guy came by the other day and had us take all four of his brand new tires off of his truck because he decided that he wanted a different type put on. So I have 4 brand new tires just like yours sitting in the closet in the back room. I hung on to them in case something like this happened." So yes, a FREE brand new tire! WOW.

Is He a God of provision or WHAT???? Sum up the story, I drove home with a brand new tire, a little knowledge of how to change a tire under my belt (not really), a little souvenir.......
and a deeper understanding of God's provision for His children. Matthew 6 has whole new appreciation. If God will take care of minor tire issue, He most definitely wants to take care of you and your circumstances as well.

"......... do not be anxious about your life, Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they? But if God so clothes the grass of the field, which today is alive and tomorrow is thrown into the oven, will he not much more clothe you......."Rest securely in knowing that you serve the Ultimate Provider, Jehovah Jireh no matter how big or small your situation may seem.

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