Monday, April 7, 2014

Give Security

On one (of our many) drives to Birmingham a few weeks ago, Payt asked me what I thought were some of the most important components that help children thrive in life. He was asking me in the context of "our 16 boys" that live on our property in Haiti, but as I was talking out my thoughts with him, I began relating and thinking in context of our 2 boys living under our roof at home.

There are obviously many things that contribute to a child's ability to thrive, but in my opinion, security is definitely one of the most key components that enable children to grow, develop, and thrive in their given environment.

As our conversation continued, tears flooded my eyes. My boys (like most children) really need nothing else besides Payt and/or myself to provide security to their little lives. Our boys living on our property have NO ONE. Most of them have lost both parents, or have one parent living that they probably have not seen since an infant due to the lack resources their parent/parents had to care for them.

Ironically as I was working on putting this blog together late one night while Payt was out of town, I heard Paxton crying out over the monitor in what seemed like a slightly distressed cry. I quickly ran up to his bedroom, laid down with him, and held him snug until he quickly fell back asleep. I hate to even assume that he could have had a nightmare this young, but I cried and cried as I held him thinking of all the children who do not have a mommy or a daddy to hold them at night when they get scared.

SO with that said, our goal as a non profit is to create an "Oasis" (a place that provides rest, refuge, and relief) for these kids who have been living in some of the most destitute and life threatening situations. A safe environment that WE can help create will bring these precious abandoned children some sense of security, so that they can beautifully flourish into strong, solid individuals. 

Would you consider helping us "Give Security.  Create Oasis!"???

Click HERE to give and to see the full story of our fundraising campaign.

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