Sunday, April 28, 2013

We Moved...

Into a new home approx 1 mile away from our old home; just in time for our growing family. Old news for most, but we've been here a little over 4 weeks and we are loving it!  We are specifically loving the spacious living spaces, big yard, fireplaces, extra bedrooms, and garage.

It wasn't/is not nearly in the condition as our first house, therefore, we have been able to update/renovate a little at a time. Besides LOTS of paint, new fixtures, kitchen and bathroom facelifts, and the removal of lots of wallpaper; it really is in great shape. We are beyond thankful for a comfortable home with additional room to throw balls, play chase, and wrestle with the soon to be three little boys that it will encompass.

Here are a few pictures of a few things we have updated/redone. Nothing is exactly complete, so pictures are a bit sparse.



The upstairs has 3 bedrooms, since we desire for the boys to share a room, we are turning one of the bedrooms into a play room and the other will be Cruz's nursery.

A few recent pics of the little man.

We unfortunately do not have any updates on Rowen :(. We rest in knowing that God is still at work and we trust in His timing. We are still lacking one signature. If we cross your minds, please continue to pray that we will receive that signature SOON!

As for Cruz...he is 23 weeks; growing and moving like crazy. I can't get enough of his kicks and squirms. So humbled and blessed by the miracle of life (x3) that God has entrusted us with. Love, love, love my boys...all four of them!

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  1. Heather, I just absolutely LOVE reading your post everyday! So inspirational,the pictures and stories you share are just so incredible!I am continuing to pray for your precious family!!I know God is gonna do BIG things,just continue to trust his word:) I love you all so very much!!