Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Two Years and Nine Months

My husband puts me to shame when it comes to celebrating occasions...ALWAYS! He came home for lunch last Monday with an envelope in hand that requested the presence of Paxton and myself at Ross Bridge on Tuesday to celebrate our two year anniversary... 

so while he and Paxton enjoyed some time by the pool, I had an appointment at the spa to enjoy a prenatal massage.

Although he is constantly "showing me up" with his constant surprises, I absolutely love that aspect about him and loved celebrating our two year anniversary as a family of five. 

On Wednesday, we celebrated 9 months of this baby boy's life...

He is one of our biggest joys, and we continue to stand amazed at God's graciousness in allowing us to be his parents.

He continues to have the sweetest, mild mannered, and most laid back temperament.

Still crawling like a pro, pulling up on anything and everything, and prefers a ball over any toy.

Loves, loves, loves people and kids of all ages...this is his expression 99% of the time we're around people and children.

We are loving every second of watching him grow, learn, and develop; and can not believe time is flying by so fast....(1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 9 months)....which by the way, he weighs as much as his 3yr old cousin...a whoppin' 25lbs!

We are still awaiting our last and final signature to exit IBESR (the first of three court systems that our paperwork will filter through). We should receive an update today, so we'll keep you posted.

Please continue to pray that we will receive the signature we need ASAP! Once we receive it, the process should move considerably quick. And please pray for me as I attempt to learn to manage this fro...

Not a single day passes by that we don't pray, hope, and enjoy big brother as much as can through his pictures and watching his videos...

And baby #3 officially has a name..

Cruz Laine Junkin

There is no meaning behind Cruz besides the fact that Payt absolutely loves it and finally has convinced me to love it too :), and Laine is after Payt's grandmother, Elaine Junkin. Elaine is 87yrs old and has been battling cancer for over three years. She is one of the strongest women I know and we are honored to have her name sake apart of our immediate family. If Cruz comes when he is expected to, they will also share a birthday :).

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