Monday, February 4, 2013

Long and Overdue

We are long and overdo for an update on Rowen!!! Since our paperwork is filtering through the courts, we really don't have any super exciting news right now.  However, we hope to have some "progress" news soon and in 2013, we plan to have the GREATEST update...being, our BOY COMING HOME!  In the meantime, here is an update of the past couple of months... 

Back in December, Payt contacted Sue (Rowen's house mom) and asked her to snap a picture of Rowen wishing me Happy Birthday. She emailed it to him, he had it framed, and after a week of daily celebrations leading up to my actual birthday, I opened this...

...better than any diamonds!!  He had me open the present while we were eating dessert at a cute and quaint restaurant in Mt. Laurel (one of our favorite places in Birmingham). As you can imagine, I hung my head and the tears started to flow uncontrollably! 

In addition to that, this brief update on our boy was included with the picture...

"I have heard good reports coming back from preschool. ( I'll be able to spy on him today, I'm helping with the Christmas festivities.  Today is the last day of school until after Christmas) Every morning he leaves with a smile on his face and comes home tired!  That's a good sign.  

One thing I do know about his behavior - when he is struggling with another child or doesn't like something he has this little yell and is looking for an adult to take care of the situation.  We help him (and are happy to) but are trying to get him to use his words and figure it out how to solve things for himself.  He will have plenty of opportunity to figure this out ")"

Brings us such peace and comfort to know that our boy is receiving such quality care!  

Early January update...

Rowen is having a lot of fun these days!  The kids are on “school break” so they have been spending their days at home.  It’s been fun listening and watching them all play together.  Rowen loves to sing and he does so with great enthusiasm and volume!!  I can hear him singing Old MacDonald and I’m bringing home a little bumble bee while I’m in my bedroom …. Just too cute!

He enjoyed himself at a birthday party we had for a couple of children who had Nov/Dec birthdays.  He thought the cupcakes were delicious and receiving a new bouncy ball was a bonus.  He knows how to open presents which made watching him open Christmas presents comical.  He had such a determined look on his face!  Getting him to smile for pictures is QUITE impossible for me!  It’s not difficult to make him smile when I DON’T have a camera pointed at him.  He’s got a beautiful smile and giggle.

The middle of January, Payton and I, along with 2 of our very best friends...

took a quick weekend trip to Haiti to visit 4 orphanages and of course, to see our baby boy!

In making the decision to move Rowen back in October of 2012, one thing we sacrificed in doing so was giving up the privilege of taking him from the Children's Home.  All of our previous trips, we would take him and he would be with us 24/7.

Even though doing things this way was indeed different and somewhat tough, believe it or not, it actually ended up being easier on all of us. As much as we would love to snuggle with him hours upon hours, bathe him, fix his fro :), dress him, feed him, etc; he is on such a great schedule that it would have done more harm than good.  To take him out of his consistent environment for just a few short days, only to have to drop him back off and leave, would have brought more trauma to us all.

So, this past trip, we were able to visit him in his "regular" environment as much as we wanted...

First encounter from this past trip...

Rowen was a little under the weather this trip, so our interactions included a lot of snuggling... 


We feel so blessed to have Rowen in the home that he is in right now.  He is growing and learning so much.  The Word of God, English, precise work on motor skills and development are all part of his daily routine.  We praise God for this temporary home! 
Adoption Update:


Above are the steps that we are required to go through before bringing him home.  Much more complicated, but this is the easiest way to look at it. We are recently here...

We are praying (please continue to join us) that we will be out of IBESR this month! Once we exit IBESR, we will move through the next 2 courts (Parquet and MOI) fairly quickly...we pray! Other families that we have been in touch with moved through those 2 courts in 2-4 weeks and others 3-6 months! :/ Please pray for the shorter of the two.

Once we are out of the courts, his Passport and Visa will be processed; and then HOMEBOUND!

Of course, all with the understanding that, we are talking about, no way to really know. Bottom line, we completely rest in His unmatched sovereignty. And, we will cling to the positive side of things!

Please continue to pray for an EXPEDITED process! God is so faithful and has orchestrated things to happen that we could never have forced to make happen.  He is able to do "immeasurably more!" 

Lastly, these precious outfits have sold like crazy. I am about to place another order; so if you're interested in buying one, you can do so below.  All proceeds from these outfits will go towards our personal adoption expenditures.  Thank you, again! 



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  1. Mt. Laurel is near & dear to my heart :)
    This is a great post! So many exciting things happening for you this year! Next time you come to Birmingham, you'll have to come get a prenatal massage! I'm licensed & certified in prenatal/delivery massage!
    Blessings to your family!