Thursday, January 24, 2013

Orphanage 2 of #first13of2013Haiti

33 children.  One Godly leader.

There is a great bright spot within the midst of the dark physical destitution surrounding Orphanage 1 and Orphanage 2. Those bright spots are the incredible servants who have given their life to them.  

Pastor Charles(pictured above) is one of those that has given his life.  At the age of 19 years old, Pastor Charles answered the call of James 1:27.  As he watched a young boy filter through a trash dump for something to eat, the injustice overtook him and he took the boy in as his own.  At that time, he only had 25 cents to his name!!!  I stood in awe and amazement as He testified of the numerous occasions in which God so timely provided. 

As we have the humble opportunity to be a part of this orphanage, we PRAISE GOD for the men and women like Pastor Charles.  We recognize that from them, WE have oh so much to learn!  They have given there life to these children, far before we came into the picture.  Our precious Savior HAS ALREADY BEEN at work in this place and we stand infinitely grateful that He has now involved us.  

And, as you see below, He has involved you!  Praise God for your giving...

In addition to the food deliveries that have been/will be made because of your giving, Orphanage 2 will also be given a “self sustainable” gift.  That self sustainable gift is the repairing of an already existing chicken coupe!  This brings, not only a food resource, but also the ability to sale eggs to make a little extra money.  

More opportunities to serve Orphanage 2, to come! 

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