Friday, January 11, 2013

Day 11 of #first13of2013Haiti

Many times in America we associate extreme, destitute poverty as being at least a 10 hour flight away.  Though poverty indeed exists in the US and even our own neighborhoods, the extreme “starve to death” type of destitution is generally perceived as being very distant.  This perception is simply not reality.  The country which holds the title, “poorest country in the world” and in which children die daily from starvation, is only an hour and a half flight from US soil.  Haiti is our next door neighbor!

As this posts, we have arrived safely and had the blessed opportunity to see our handsome boy.  We ask for your prayers as we have the privilege to spend time within the beautiful country of Haiti, once again.  Even though we were BLOWN AWAY with your financial generosity, your prayers for #first13of2013Haiti are sure to produce the greatest fruit.  

Over the next two days, January 12th and January 13th, we will post pictures to give greater insight into the 5 orphanages that #first13of2013Haiti will aide.  If you would still like to contribute to this need, “giving” options are given below.  Even though the #first13of2013Haiti campaign ends on January 13th, we will be able to continually distribute any financial gifts given to these 5 orphanages.  

Giving options for #first13of2013Haiti: Paypal is located in the top right corner of this blog.  Checks and/or cash can be mailed to P.O. Box 750 Guin, AL 35563 labeled #first13of2013Haiti.  You are also welcome to give money to us directly when/if you see us in person.

Campaign promise for #first13of2013Haiti:  Every penny WILL be spent for the purchase of food for these orphanages and we will be intentional in informing each giver with a detailed update once campaign has been brought to completion.

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