Friday, November 30, 2012


Day: 24

Thankful for, food, and shopping! 

Day 25:

Thankful for positive, fruitful, and fun memories of my years spent at of right now, they are the only things that keep me a positive fan! If they don't step it up, this may be the last picture I have of my son in an Auburn jersey :(

Day 26:

Thankful for a husband that loves to cook. While he cooks...we hang out in the kitchen and play :).

Day 27: 

Thankful for computer chargers. Ours bit the dust, which is why I am waaaaaaay behind on the blog!

Day 28:

Thankful for Zulily!

Day 29:

Thankful for a fun night full of lots of laughs with 2 of my boys.

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