Sunday, November 11, 2012


Day 8:

Thankful for the privilege of being able to stay at home to be a full time mommy to by babies, and thankful for a husband that doesn't mind living on one income and in a half finished house so that I am able to soak up every minute of this time in their lives.

Day 9: 

Thankful for my Rowen's precious smile, his cautious laugh, and his sweet personality....and that Paxton and his future siblings have a strong and confident big brother and role model to look up to.

Day 10:

Thankful for Rowen and Paxton's cousin from Ethiopia!!! My brother and sister in law are adopting, and we are so excited for them and for the fact that Rowen and Paxton will grow up seeing the same family dynamics within their own family. 

Day 11:

Thankful for the group of beautiful, Godly, genuine, and funny girl friends that God has aloud me to do life with.

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