Monday, November 5, 2012


In attempt to keep myself accountable, I've decided to join in with the Facebook world on the "30 Days of Thankfulness". This past year, Payt and I, unfortunately, have found it much easier to focus on what "is not" in our life (being a country apart from our son) rather than "what is".  God HAS done so much in our lives for us to be thankful for. So to help regain a heart of gratitude, I'm going to do my best to reflect every day on the things we have been given to be thankful for... via blog.

Day 1:
So thankful for the gift of salvation, and the privilege of serving a BIG and perfect God.

Day 2: 

So thankful to do life with a like-minded man who purely and passionately loves the Lord, myself, his children, and people. 

Day 3:

Thankful to be the Mommy of 2 of the most beautiful, healthiest, and sweetest little boys!

Day 4:

Thankful for a good napper that allowed me to get some of the Christmas decor up Sunday after church.


Day 5:

Thankful for the pictures that captured Pax's arrival! Working on his baby book today and love having so many great pictures that help relive that day! Thanks again, Stacy :)!!

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