Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pax is 3 Months


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  2. Hi Junkins! I am Susan from Tuscaloosa. My husband (Stephen) and I are also adopting from Haiti. We are pursuing two boys from BRESMA in Port au Prince. I have read your story and wanted to make sure you know of Diana Boni. She lives in South Dakota and works for All Blessings International. She is the most connected person we can find in the US. She attends many meetings with IBESR (including the most recent one with the Creche Directors Assoc. regarding the new policies and procedures)amongst other depts. She was also very instrumental in securing the early homecoming of many children days after the earthquake. She has great contacts with both Haitian and Americans in the Haitian adoption process and she has 5 adopted Haitian children of her own. I know All Blessings is not accepting new cases until IBESR announces the US agencies they will be working with (they have a better chance than most I gather). She has a blog with her most current info. You can read her at She is also easy to reach by phone. I was excited to find another family so near us adopting from Haiti. The others I have found are in South Alabama. There are quite a few families down there. About 22 Haitian adopted children in all. I just wanted to touch base with you to let you know that we are so near each other. That's pretty fun! I pray for you as you come to mind. You can reach me at We also have a blog We had to password protect it because of some security issues. The public login is twolessreader and the password is wesupporthaiti1