Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Another Adoption Adventure and New Rowen Video

Last Wednesday, Payt purchased a one-way ticket for a sudden and much needed trip to Haiti.

For the privacy of some people that are directly affected and involved in a very unfortunate situation, I have decided not to share details on the blog. But to make a long story short, Rowen was no longer secure at the Children's Home he has been living in. Because of a decision we made concerning our adoption process over a year ago, we are not being affected by this particular situation. But since Rowen was living amongst some other children who unfortunately are, we felt the need to move him somewhere different while our adoption is in process.  Rowen also needed to be moved to be officially under a licensed creche in order for the adoption to be finalized.

It was not a fun, nor easy decision to move him to another unfamiliar place with unfamiliar children and caregivers. The LAST thing we wanted to do was shake up his little world by visiting him and then leaving him in a new and different environment. But for his security and our peace of mind, it had to be done.

When we received word the previous Monday that Rowen's security was potentially in jeopardy, we came up with two options... 1) moving him in with Pastor Francky or 2) moving him to a well structured Children's Home that Payt and his team served back in April. 

That Monday, Payt immediately called the director of that Children's Home and expressed our desperation for finding Rowen a new temporary home. The director nicely informed him that they were full, and for the consistency and security of the other children living there, they usually do not take new children. However, he heard the desperation in Payt's voice and said that he would pray about the circumstance and talk it over with his board of directors.

Tuesday and Wednesday went by and we still had not received an answer from the director. We could not let another day go by knowing that our son was potentially at risk, so Payt booked a one-way ticket for Thursday morning with the intensions of picking up Rowen and staying with him until we had a safe place for him to live. 

Payt called the director one more time on Wednesday night to let him know that he would be in the country. The director did not give him an answer on the phone, but wanted to meet with Payt and Rowen in person Thursday afternoon.

Thursday afternoon, Payt arrived in Haiti and immediately went to retrieve our little boy. Praise God that Rowen was safe and now in the arms of his daddy. I promise, your prayers are being heard! They later had their meeting with the director and sure enough, God opened a door. The director told Payt that as of Monday, after their conversation, the answer was "no, they could not take Rowen." But, the very next day on Tuesday, one of the children's biological mother showed up after 10 months of being MIA.  Therefore, opening up a spot!!!

God's timing was absolutely perfect, and there is NO doubt that this is where we were to move Rowen. So that is where he will reside until we bring him home.

In a few weeks, he will begin 2yr old preschool Monday-Friday from 9am-3pm. There, he will attend English class, Bible class, and play groups. There are only 9 other children living in the home (there were 13-14 at the other home). There is a full time American "mom" that lives in the home. He will be bathed twice a day and will be fed healthy American food. There is a trampoline in the backyard, and the inside of the home is full of stimulation; lots of toys, a television playing educational videos in English, etc. 

It is more expensive and visitation is more strict, but those are sacrifices we have chosen to make in order to ensure a healthy, safe, loving, and stimulated environment for our baby boy. Again, YOUR prayers have continued to carry us and move mountains! Once again, THANK YOU! 

Due to the quick trip and limited space on packing, we decided to leave the Nikon at home. So Payt did not take many pictures.....he did, however, do a fabulous job at capturing Rowen's precious personality on the Ipad....

He also apparently forgot to unpack the bibs :)...


  1. LOVED this post! Bawled my eyes out, as usual! I love that he is getting to spend this time with Rowen, and I'm sure it's great for you to get to see Rowen on skype! I LOST IT when I saw the pictures of you two skyping with the kids. I can't wait until your entire family is reunited with your sweet boy safe @ home. Love y'all!

  2. I am crying so hard! What a precious post & you definitely can tell God is in every detail!