Monday, June 11, 2012

Yellow Bracelet

The night before our Embassy appointment in Haiti, I had a dream about a lady that was rudely and abruptly telling me that Rowen would never come home and that we were crazy for pursuing the route of the Non-Immigrant Visa. As she was yelling in my face, a little girl stood up in the middle of us and handed the lady a yellow bracelet that had "Believe" written on it.

I do believe God still speaks to His people through dreams. Therefore, I woke up from that dream confident that the Lord was reminding me and encouraging me to "Believe" that He will bring Rowen home!

When we got home from Haiti, I shared that dream with one of my best friends, Rebeca. Walking away from our conversation, she felt as if the Lord spoke to her to make the bracelet from the dream.

So that is what she did.

On her own time, she ordered a couple dozen of these bracelets.

Rebeca is receiving donations for these bracelets that will strictly be put in Rowen's adoption and "Coming Home" account. However, mine and Payton's prayer is NOT to receive a large amount of money or to promote Rowen and his story. Our prayer is that these bracelets will simply promote the gospel by being a tool to share what God has done through Rowen. And to of course, serve as a reminder to PRAY!

If you want a bracelet, you can send Rebeca Markham a message on Facebook or send me a message and I'll pass it along to her.

So thankful for faithful and selfless friends! We also continue to 'thank you' to everyone who continues to "believe" with us and to those who have consistently been covering us and our precious boy with prayer.

I long for the day Rowen will get to meet each and every single one of you face to face. We continue to stand humbled beyond words by every word of encouragement and every prayer!

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