Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Year Ago

I wont retype/retell the story since most of you have probably already read it; (and if you haven't, you can go HERE) but it was today of last year that changed our lives FOREVER! 

Payt and I had been married 2 and half months when he left for this trip to Haiti. Being newly married, I was not excited about his decision to go. Prior to his departure, I selfishly prayed that he would change his mind about going......simple and solely because I was not ready to spend 9 days without him. 

Had I only known what God had in store, my prayers would have been slightly say the LEAST!

Payt held and met our first born for the first time.....

And never did I imagine (and still can not grasp) what this little guy has done to our life and to our hearts.

I am aware that I am a biased momma, but I could not have prayed nor hand picked a more perfect big brother and first born son for our family. 

This little guy has made our hearts full...

and we love him more than words!

Thankful for my husband's obedience, and thankful for God's faithful reward!


  1. Look at that little sweetie! :)

    Glad the sermon I posted on FB encouraged you sister. I know from reading your story from the beginning that you have a PROPHETIC WORD about Rowen being your son (the initial thought/dream Payton had) and you have the PROOF (that God later revealed/confirmed to you). I know this has been confirmed over and over again to you guys! Praying for you as you continue to fight for this sweet little boy to be your son - and knowing that God is truly fighting the battle for you! He is going to make His name GREAT through your son's story! I can't wait to meet him in Sweet Home Alabama someday SOON!

  2. *I shouldn't say "as you fight for him to be your son" - I know in God's eyes and in your eyes Rowen is already your son! Just waiting for the earthly powers that be (courts, etc) to recognize that truth and for him to be home in your arms! :)