Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday, 17 Months, and 20 Weeks

We have desperately missed these kiddos.......

Payt usually gets Mondays off since Sundays are work days for him, so after church Sunday night, we headed to Birmingham to spend all day with " the kids" while Mallory and Trent worked.

After coming home from Auburn in 2008, I started keeping Miller three days a week. He was 8 months, he's four and a half.....

Their family continued to grow.......Tucker was born in 21 months later and will be 3 in March......

and Mallie will be 2 in May.

I love these kids like my own and I believe the Lord put this "job" of caring for these 3 young and precious children in my path to prepare and train me to balance and parent my own two babies that are on their way. I have learned so much from them and their wonderful, Godly parents. Mallory and Trent have taught me and Payton so much about parenting and godliness, and I can already see our approach to parenting mirroring theirs.

This big guy is seventeen months today!

We have been so blessed the past couple of weeks with seeing lots of pictures of him learning and growing. While it aches our hearts to be so far from him during this season of his life, there is nothing that brings more joy and more peace than seeing him learn and interact with his buddies. And from what we've heard, he LOVES "school time".....

And for the current hairstyle....Enough said :)

Pax and I have reached our half way mark in pregnancy! We've turned both of our extra bedrooms upside down in preparation for Pax's nursery and Rowen's big boy room. So many people are asking for pictures...they're coming. There is nothing, but messes to see right now. We continue to thank you for your prayers and your interest in our lives. It humbles us beyond words and a day doesn't go by that we don't thank God for the wonderful support he's put in our lives. We love and appreciate y'all so much!

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