Monday, December 19, 2011


We absolutely LOVE all of our Christmas cards that have come to us in the mail. My daily highlight is now checking the thank you to everyone to has added more excitement to my daily life :).

And thanks to an absolute useless Friday night, we (or I) finally decided to decorate the trees. Nothing like nine days before Christmas. But thankful that I could muster up some energy and get it done.

My sweet and precious mom came to visit today for an early birthday celebration. Since my birthday is so close to Christmas (its Wednesday), she has always gone above and beyond making sure Christmas does not overlook my birthday. Now 27 years old, and she hasn't changed a thing. She is sweetest, thoughtful, and most selfless person I know, and I am beyond grateful for her!

Our little man is sick AGAIN :(.

The Children's Home is passing around the stomach bug and Rowen's been caught. We were able to Skype with him last week (which definitely made things worse for both of us) and he was pitiful. Nothing worse than having to stare at your sick baby on a computer screen! Please continue to pray for Rowen (of course), but for Payton and I. Every day gets harder and harder. We're emotional exhausted.

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