Saturday, December 3, 2011


My heart is so full of emotions, and I have so much to share. However, my body is still on Rowen/Haiti time and I am exhausted! We got in a midnight, got settled, and I was up and at'em at 8:00 AM. I am NOT a morning person so after a long day of travels this was quite unusual.

My precious husband picked me up from the airport, took me to Momma Gs where I devoured some dorito nachos and a chicken breast sandwich (I don't know why, but the entire last week I was in Haiti that's what I craved), and I came home to a squeaky clean house. My sweet and thoughtful husband had a house cleaner come clean before I came home. It was so nice and beyond appreciated, but strangely still desired for BOTH of us to be back in the 90 degree weather of Haiti zapping mosquitos with our boy.

I love being at my home and seeing family and friends, BUT I miss my baby boy so much!! And according to the women at the Children's Home, he is missing us too. Rowen was once the only child at the home that never cried or made a peep. He was the "best" baby they had ever seen. But since he was dropped back off on Friday, he has cried non stopped. He is still the best baby........he just wants his mommy and daddy!

Please continue to pray for the waiver....due to a big miscommunication, we did not get it Wednesday......welcome the life of adoption. However, it is now scheduled for completion next Thursday. We're continuing to trust in the Lord and His sovereignty. He orchestrated this adoption process from the beginning, and we KNOW He is not and will not leave us hanging. We believe and know that He is still at work and in that, we find peace and patience.

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